Are you still in search of your Customer Avatar?

Yes, you have read it write, “CUSTOMER AVATAR”.

I know now you must be thinking that ‘Bhagwan ka avatar to Suna hai ab yeh Customer Avatar kya hai???

Even i thought the same when i heard the word “Customer Avatar” for the first time from the professor, way back in 2015.

While attending a digital marketing class and discussing lead generation through digital mediums, he used this word many times.

So, let me take you through, one incident of my life..


It was my first job assignment in marketing with a real estate company in Mumbai.

I was into media for so many years and worked with different and good media companies from Print, Radio & Outdoor.

My passion and love for marketing pushed me to quit my last media company.

I still remember the last day, as all made me feel that i am doing the biggest mistake of life.

Deep inside i spoke to myself and asked the same question, again and again

Should i take a risk or not? Should i take a risk or not?

I know you also must have felt the same situation when you have to make some tough decisions in life.

So, the next day, i went to the office and just said I QUIT!

Finally, i have made up my mind and joined a mid-sized real estate company in Mumbai.

First day at the office…

After joining within few days, i have realized that i am in the T-20 game.

Where bosses want performers, who can add more numbers to add up to their revenue.

I have a strong profile for traditional media, with so many years of experience.

But i knew that Digital works best for real estate companies and I have recently completed my Digital Marketing Course.

So the first challenge was to convince my management to focus only on digital.

As i was not only had a target to do sales but less budget too to generate quality leads.

Somehow, i have convinced them and they warned me for targets.

As they were expecting sales numbers to happen during that time to maintain their cash flows.

Directors were a believer in traditional media and didn’t like my idea to focus on digital first.

Not only they have pressurized all of us but also threatened by saying, we may lose the job.

I was safe but it reminded me of something from Rocket Singh Movie. As indirectly i was also responsible for sales.

Here is something, which we both agree on that marketing people also get tremendous pressure like salespeople.

So, no one will ask you about the quality of leads if numbers don’t happen.

If you are into a sales and marketing profile, then you know how bosses react and how much they expect.

I was also in the same situation during that time.

So, finally, i have shared a brief with a digital agency.

That day, we both and i made a mistake unknowingly by reaching many audiences while targeting.

But, guess what, without realizing a fact that real estate is more of local market business.

And more of the leads will come from surrounding areas of 5 to 10 Kms only. As people always prefer to stay in the same vicinity.

My residential property was located at Mulund, suburbs of Mumbai, and the starting price was 1.20 Cr*(All-inclusive).

Initially, i was happy as i could able to generate so many leads but everyone who understands the business knows it that how tough the Mumbai market is and the competition also.

I was in the Mulund market, where I was competing with all big real estate brands, like Runwal, Wadhwa, Piramal, Kalpataru, L&T are few of them.

With a lesser marketing budget, we have entered for the first time in the Mulund market of Mumbai.

So once the campaign started running, we had a high cost per lead, and leads were not getting qualified for site visits, which made me more worried.

Only 15% of leads were marketing qualified and from which 20% qualified for site visits.

Though we were running few other offline campaigns too but this online thing didn’t work in a good way.

I had a very bad review that day while sitting in front of management for Digital Campaigns.

Facebook, Instagram didn’t work well for us during that time and somehow SEM helped us to generate a few good leads on brand and long-tail keywords.

It was so frustrating situation and i have felt like i am digital illiterate after doing my digital marketing course too.

I have also felt that it’s so important to have a good digital agency and while working with them after that campaign, i have checked all reports and realized that they did a wrong targeting.

While starting a campaign neither i re-checked with them nor they informed about set targeting.

So, the campaign didn’t do well as we didn’t do a specific targeting considering demographics and psychographics for our Customer Avatar.

Then i took an action on my learning and i have started running campaigns on my own and took a few assignments on social media just to get hands-on these skills.

I have also started working closely with an agency but over the period i have realized that digital marketing not only needs hands-on practice or experience.

But you should be aware of updates too that are happening around on all platforms.

Fortunately, we could able to sale good after my first mistake but still, somewhere i felt that i need to learn more about the ecosystem to be a successful digital marketer.

I was searching for some practical courses but couldn’t found good ones and ended up doing a few online courses and tried to implement my learning.

I’m sure you are with me and you also must have faced the same situation to get some practical course.

The reason i am narrating this story here because this came across in front of my eyes again while attending a day 2 of my internship with Digital Deepak.

As we spoke about my first mistake, which was not building up my customer avatar first before going ahead with the rest of the things to promote a project.

Finally, i am in Digital Deepak Internship where in just 2nd session, we have started working on Customer Avatar.

I think, you will agree with me that finally i am at right place to learn practical side of Digital Marketing.

And, yes one should build a customer avatar or buyer persona at the initial stage only so that later on you don’t have to face a situation like me.

There were 2 reasons to join this internship of Digital Deepak.

  1. Practical learning.
  2. 100% cashback with learning.

Check the copy below, which pushed me to take an action as i was getting above 2 benefits.

You can also, get yourself registered with the internship program by clicking on image below.

Learn Digital Marketing, Do the assignments, Earn Your Investment 100% Back & More..

I couldn’t able to found any other course online, who will pay you back.

So, here we have started learning Customer Avatar.

Stick with me now and I think you should read it and i assure you that you will not make the same mistake as i did in my past.

So, while attending the 2nd lecture to learn how to build Customer Avatar. I have learned a few things that were also untouched in my story.

Again i got to learn few new things on my self-development too, which are very crucial to get succeed.

some of these things were:

Distraction is more harmful to the brain than drugs:

I was shocked to hear it and see that image on the slide of the phone with the above statement, mentioning that distractions are more harmful to the brain than drugs.

Then i have promised to myself, whatever i will do henceforth will keep the phone aside and will give 100% to it.

Now i know, why i don’t complete my task on time and the answer to this problem is to avoid distractions.

Follow, Learn – Do – Teach system :

The second best thing to improve ourselves is teaching.

When you teach, you understand things in a better way and it also helps you to build your communication skills.

I was a bit happy here as i am already teaching Digital Marketing to few working people, graduates, and college students.

In the 2nd session of the course, he said, he will also allow all of us to do a short webinar. So, like this was one more opportunity that we all were getting.

Mistakes are a future benefit, the value of which is yet to be realized:

You cant get perfect in one time so you have to do the same thing again and again so if you are making mistakes then too, it’s fine.

As these mistakes will lead to improvement and improvements one day leads to some level of perfection.

So, it’s ok to do mistakes for future benefits.

Marketing is about good conversation, if you can not converse well 1:1, you can not converse well 1: many.

So marketing is a process of building trust. You need to build trust with lots of people and it is called masstrust.

Imagine you are talking to a school friend and you are not hiding anything, you kind of having good repo and trust factor with him, which will be good.

In the same manner, you will have to talk to your customers and build a repo without hiding anything from them.

If the product fits into their liking and demand for that product, it will be easy for you to sell them and they will buy also. You just need to do a good conversation without hiding anything from them.

To build a good amount of trust with your audiences. Try to have a conversation in one on one manner as the conversation is one of the major factors.

Be authentic to communicate better, people are tired of fake people with social personas, everyone is attracted to someone real.

So, if you want to be a good marketer or a person who wants to build a personal brand, its better that you reflect, show, and behave as you are and you should not show another side of your personality, which is exactly opposite to you.

Be Real, Authentic, Honest with yourself, and audiences also.

Accept your flaws and walk around like a real person and people will feel that you are a real person and would love to build a relationship with you.

People will feel a connection with you if you are authentic. So just be real.

Show true self of you. For eg. Mr.Abul Kalaam, Rajni Kant and there are many in each field which are real in both personal and professional life.

Who is a better marketer?

People with more life experiences are better marketers.

To be a good marketer, one should connect with different people, things and try out different things to get exposure to it.

In the same manner try and connect with your audience and know them well.

Also one should have an open approach to various things and if you are against anything go and explore that one thing and get more information about it.

Always deal with an open mind and a flexible approach towards things.

So, to be a better marketer, travel, meet people, always explore new things, read a lot and also explore things which you don’t like now.

Try and change your opinions about people and certain things in life and keep an open approach. Follow this and you will have a better understanding of all aspects of marketing and you will rise as a better marketer.

Who is your audience, and how to define your target customer?

If everyone is your audience then no one is your audience.

Concept of targeting people

So, this is the mistake i did while running a campaign, so i want you to have a better understanding of this concept of marketing.

As in my case my targetting for property starting 1.20 Cr*, was a people who are having family income of more than or around 2 Lakhs per month, working people, professionals, and businessmen.

First time home buyers or buyers who want to shift from old to a new home.

They are most interested in online trading, investment, cars, tours and travel, real estate, etc and more like to want to shift in a year or two.

The more specific you are the more return on investment you will get on your spends.

Know how to communicate with your target audiences:

So, whenever you reach your audiences via any medium, have a personal approach while crafting a communication, make it more personalized.

Keep a language simple so that you can relate to many people and also speak about a subject which people already have in their minds.

Also craft or say every sentence in such a manner that people wait to hear you more whether it’s your first sentence or last word.

So in the same manner while crafting a communication make sure your headline, sub-headlines, all sentences should be so powerful that people start and read it fully.

Talk to people with their first name, and try to make a connection through email, msgs, phone calls, and surveys.

One of the best examples for this art of communication is our Prime Minister Mr.Narender Modi, the way he communicated to a large audience and connect to all.

He talks in more personalize way and you will a direct connection with him.

I can’t say much about him as you all know about his skills, the way he presents himself, and the way he connects with one and all.

So be creative and make sure you use simple communication which should be understood by all.

Focus on Centre, not on border:

Know your targeting well and know your customer avatar, be specific and don’t focus on large numbers.

As everyone cant be your target audience. So focus on your set target audiences.

Everyone, will not respond to your communication and they will not buy your product.

Because, ever one has different preferences and choices for each category of product.

Here are my research details and example for my customer avatar, who is looking for a property.

Look into this profile, so people with same preference could be your target audiences.

My Customer Avatar Example:

Name: Mr. Vinod Ramchandani

Profession: CA

Age: 33 Years (Married)

Annual Income: 10 -20 Lakhs

Interested in: Finance, Share Market, Travelling, and Real Estate.

He is a first time home buyer.

He believes in making online research for projects and locations, before making a buying decision.

To know my customer avatar, i did some research, on people who are actively looking for property in mumbai.

Refer a below-given survey result & you will understand, how i was able to build one of my customer Avatar.

Here are some details of my survey details as screenshots for your understanding of Mumbai Home Buyers.

Basis, a sample survey on 11 people i have found below given insights:

  1. Most people who are searching are Males.
  2. The majority are postgraduates and married with kids and 1-2 dependents.
  3. The majority are with an age range of 31-40 and are salaried and professionals.
  4. Central Suburbs is their main preference.
  5. Approx 45% have their individual or family income between 10 – 20 Lakhs per annum.
  6. They are looking for end-user, not for an investment.
  7. The majority are looking for 2 bhk.
  8. I found that people living in Thane & beyond want to shift towards Mumbai, maybe due to their job preferences.
  9. 35% are having a budget of Rs. 50 – 80 Lakhs and looking for 1 BHK.
  10. Approx 45% have a budget of Rs. 80-1.39 Cr and looking for 2 BHK.
  11. More than 50% are looking forward to shifting within a year.

The above survey, hopefully, would have helped you to understand and create your Customer Avatar.

I want you to build your Customer Avatar to get maximum return on investment for your every marketing effort.

That was a lot, i know, but i am sure it would have added some value to your knowledge.

Hope, now you have clarity of how to build your Customer Avatar and how to communicate with them effectively.

Thank You for reading this article.

Looking forward to your comments and review on it.

Thanks & Regards,