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7 best real estate lead generation tips for 2021

In my last interview with the current boss, he had told me a sad story about their real estate lead generation efforts.

Yes, it was a sad story, because they have lost more than 50% of their marketing budget on lead generation activities.

As they are totally traditional media driven and never think of digital marketing much, that is what I have realised and it was true to a certain extent too.

He told me that 50% of their marketing budget is wasted on lead generation from different offline efforts and few online activities. 

He said, from each 100 leads, they have found that 30% leads were not qualified and 40% were difficult to contact and they could only reach 25% leads, who responded to them but the closures didn’t happen as per their expectations.

Later on, I have realised that this is a challenge faced by many in the real estate industry today, including real estate agents and other lead generation companies in India.

I thought about giving him a simple plan, tips and ideas that can help him to resolve his queries on How real estate lead generation works online.

I am sure, these few tips from so many available options can surely help you to generate quality leads that can drive sales and after reading these ideas, i am sure you would be able to do a better lead generation job. 

In real estate, the whole business runs across lead generation and the closure of it. 

This is why most developers and marketers think of different real estate lead generation ideas all the time, most of them search for real estate lead generation software, which can help them to generate leads at one click but there is no such system available.

If you are not from the real estate industry and thinking what is lead generation in real estate? And how do real estate companies generate leads?

Then, let me tell you “a lead is called a lead because it leads to a sale.”

A lead is a connecting link between your business and your prospect, who is out there in the market.

We require leads for all the businesses to generate sales whether it’s b2b or b2c business.

Now, if you are from industry and if you are a real estate agent, marketer, or director of a company who is currently facing this challenge then you must be also searching for real estate lead generation companies in India.

You can think of another way around how real estate companies generate leads, by knowing that and learning the process you can also start generating leads for the real estate industry or your company.

Lead generation for real estate in India is not that easy as developers and agents are still dependent on old methods. Where they check for references and use traditional media of advertisement, along with offline events to generate leads.

On the other hand real estate lead generation in India is a challenging task for vendors too to provide quality leads on time leads, because many of the people are still checking for a reference before buying a home.

Also there is a huge unsold inventory available, in each region so customers have lots of options, because of which lead quality gets lower for a particular project.

Here are 7 best real estate lead generation ideas to boost real estate sales:

Website :

Website is the soul of any business, a good business website with quality content attracts lots of users on the internet.

A good SEO-optimized website with the right information and keywords, along with quality content can be helpful to rank on google for particular keywords related to projects or that locality of a project.

Your own or a company website can help you to generate leads organically, it will not only give you quality organic leads but saves your marketing cost also.

It has also been observed that leads through corporate websites or a company website are always quality leads as they already have all the required information and after that, they share their information with you.

real estate lead generation


High-quality content and local SEO also help websites to rank higher on searches. If you know and understand the buyer’s queries along with their search intent, you can easily create content around it.

The right content along with online and offline optimization can help you to rank on google for those particular keywords related to your locality or projects.

real estate lead generation companies

Social Media :

Using Social Media to create awareness and engagement through content and advertisement, is the best way to generate quality leads.

 lead generation for real estate in India

You can use short and long forms of content to create awareness and engagement. There are various ad formats and content formats are available at different platforms to generate leads through various campaigns.

Using Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Linkedin Ads can help you to generate much quality leads as people always search online or check the content related to their queries.

Google Ads :

Google Ads are a game-changer in your online lead generation strategy as you can target the right audience who are already searching for your product or information online.

If you want to reach out to potential audiences in your geography at a right time, then you should be focusing on Google Ads.

You can use the brand keywords, project keywords, product-specific keywords for eg. 1 BHK at Thane or 2 BHK at Thane. Bidding on these specific keywords will not only help you to show your ads to the right audience but also helps you to generate quality leads.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for lead generation. Where you have control on to whom to send a particular message, compared to other platforms like on social media, where you don’t have control over sending a message to a particular person.

What is lead generation in real estat

With email, you have more control over which content to send to a particular set of groups or customers.

By targeting the right segment of the database in your customer list. You can reach out to customers easily and showcase required information and it will be easy for you to filter the qualified leads, which are interested in your project or product.

Listings on Real Estate Portals :

Property listings are an excellent way to buy and sell the property. If your property is listed on a real estate portal and there is a demand in that particular locality or project then you will surely get a response.

If you are looking for real estate leads with no upfront cost then you can do listing on any of the property portal for free to a certain specific period.

Listing on a property portal is not only cost-effective but also helps you to generate leads at a very lesser rate.

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Real Estate Portals

Here buyers are directly reaching out to you without having brokers in between. 

These property listings are very cheap and premium listings are also not very costly. Also, these property listings are much larger than any other offline advertisement like newspaper or out-of-home advertisements like bus shelters, hoardings, etc.

Few of the property portals that you should use are magicbricks.com, 99acres.com and housing.com.

Video Marketing:

When you are selling a product worth rupees lakhs or crores, it’s always advisable to present it in the right manner. In the case of real estate, now everyone is working over making a strong online presence after a pandemic.

Clients want to see the demo or real show flat by sitting at the comfort of their home so that as and when they visit, they would know every detail of the project.

real estate lead generation ideas

The video experience also allows your audience to see and their real future home and it will also help them in decision making.

You can also showcase various testimonials of different clients, which will help you to build trust in your prospects.

Further, you can also use corporate videos to showcase your company’s strength and past work, which will also build confidence in the mind of prospects and help them to buy your product.

If you are unaware of the above solutions or don’t know how to implement them. There are many real estate lead generation companies or real estate marketing agencies and freelancers, who provide real estate lead generation services.

In the nutshell

These ideas will not only help you to generate leads but also build your brand over the period and also help you for your future business. You should also set your goals before working on these marketing activities.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

You can also write to me on [email protected] or contact me to discuss more ideas for your real estate business or to get solutions for the lead generation activity of your online or upcoming projects.

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