How to generate leads for Real Estate Business?

How to generate leads for businesses is a question that hits in the mind of every company or an individual entrepreneur, whenever he faces businesses or sales challenges over the period.

These tips are must follow for every real estate developer to sustain in the market after this current economic slowdown due to the corona pandemic. 

Here now, it’s time to transform the businesses digitally and make an online presence. Here are steps to transform business digitally and generate revenues.

When I have started working with real estate Company, I was not much aware of the challenges of the industry but then the things changed and due to Demonetization, RERA & GST the game has changed and now due to coronavirus the Real Estate industry is facing the challenges again like they are facing from last 5 years.

These tips to generate leads, I am writing specifically for real estate developers and agents as it’s high time for us all, as an industry to go digital so that we can get quality leads with a lower CPL (Cost Per Lead).

In this blog, I will be covering some of the tips on marketing and promotion plans, which helps companies to generate quality leads with a lower cost per lead.

Here is a guide…

1. Buy a company domain: 

The domain is your company’s identity and soul for your online presence on the internet and it makes it easy for your prospect to search you on the web to get the relevant information about your company and product/services offered by your company. 

Here prospects can directly send you inquiries through the website and it’s observed that the website leads are quality leads and chances of conversions are always high so you can’t neglect the website as it’s the soul of your business. 

2. Chat bot Integration: 

Virtual chat assistance on your website helps you to sell your property faster. Here virtual chat assistance provides automated responses to Chat queries by online visitors on your website. 

It helps to keep prospective customers engaged by replying to their queries and generates quality leads. Here you will also get detailed analytics of customer queries. 

You can refer to the chatbot services by Kenyt and ManyChat.

3. WhatsApp Integration:

Trends are changing very fast in marketing and digital is the only way to focus to get leads online at lower CPL (Cost Per Lead). 

Real Estate is a very competitive market, where customers always look for more information before making a decision. Here automated responses will result in a 3 times conversion rate.

You can refer to the chatbot services offered by Kenyt. 

4. Buy a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with sales & marketing automation:

There are many CRM tools available in the market, which will help you to store data and give you the status of analytics for sales funnel but CRM with automation will help you to automate campaigns at various stages of the funnel to take your customers to final closure.

I know you are still maintaining the database in excel but I would highly recommend using CRM tools with a feature of retargeting to your customers by automation features like SMS, email, chatbots, WhatsApp integration, etc.

CRM will not only save your marketing cost but it will also help you faster closures.

5. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency :

 Digital Marketing Agencies will help you to achieve your sales & marketing goals in a specified time manner with their digital skills.

Also agencies, not only will maintain your websites and write blogs but they can also help you to generate leads for your business through various digital activities like social media marketing, search marketing and through the website.  

6. Have social media profiles: 

Social media marketing also validates your presence on the web. Many of the prospects of real estate are active and available on almost all social media platforms.

Marketing on social media platforms can help to increase your brand awareness and also get you new leads and customers.                

7. Register on Google My Business 

Register your company on Google my business along with your current ongoing projects, which will not only help people to reach your site or office but also helps you to generate leads and get a review from current or old customers.

Posting updates and content on Google my business will also help you to rank better on Google searches.

8. Invest in SEO:

Investing in SEO will help you to get organic traffic by targeting brand specific, product-specific keywords by which generally people search online.

It also helps you in your long term sales goals and it’s one of the cost-effective ways of marketing, where you can build trust among customers by your educational, informative content.

SEO takes time, so while planning your budgets plan SEO for a longer period.  

9. Corporate / Project AV Virtual Tours:

·        Corporate AV(Audio Visual): 

Presenting a corporate AV to customers in their buying journey while doing research or visiting a site, will create confidence among a buyer about a developer and company.

Corporate Presentation will have an impact on consumer’s minds by creating a brand’s strong presence in their mind as it includes all the relevant information about the company including past project completion history and testimonials, which prospects always research about before buying a property.

·        Project Virtual Tours or AV:

We are living in a Digital era and fast-moving world where people don’t have time to travel, they look for all information at one click.

Providing a project walkthrough will help them to visualize and understand how their new home or property will look alike.

It will help them in their buying decision and it will increase the chances to shortlist the property basis all the information provided in tours like entrance lobby, parking, amenities, Lifts, Homes and internal amenities, outside views, terrace view, and connectivity, etc.

10. Drone Aerial 360* View or Drone Shoot

·        Drone Aerial 360* A view for real estate is a very cost-effective way to showcase to your customer a nearby locality through a bird’s eye view.

Here you can tag various nearby locations within a proximity of your projects like school, colleges, banks, hospitals, stations, Malls, Super Markets, main junctions or any strategic location and roads.

This can give an understanding to your prospect about a locality and helps him in his or her buying decision.

·        Drone shoots are costly as compared to Ariel’s view as Ariel’s view is shot by one place give you a 360* view, wherein the drone shoots the drone camera moves across your project and all strategic locations and showcases the locality in much detailed manner.

11. Google Street View:

Gone are the days, where you used to click the photographs of your project and show flats.

To enhance customer experience, you should always go for 360* shoot, which is also a cost-effective and when customer looking to get a whole 360* view of their dream home and if they can relate to it, they will surely visit your site at least once and when they visit and see an actual flat. 

The chances are higher for them to end up buying the home.

12. Register on Real Estate Portals:

Generating leads through real estate portals is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your target audiences. As most of the prospects are registered on these portals and they always look out for properties by filtering data. and are one of the best portals with higher traffic, these portals can be helpful to generate a decent amount of leads for any locality across India for both developers and real estate agents as they have multiple product offerings to boost the number of inquiries based on your sales goals.

13. Invest in Advertising Online

Most people do research online before buying any property whether it’s a high value or an affordable property. 

Internet users are increasing in India and currently, 564.5 million users are on the internet. 

Investing in the right kind of advertising medium is the only way to generate marketing qualified leads. At the initial stage, expenses seem to be very high for online advertising but with consistency in the campaign, you will get better results with a lower cost per lead.

Online advertising gives you the leverage to track the leads and have proper data, unlike offline media. So by using these data through various campaigns on social media and on google, you can easily retarget them by email and SMS campaigns.

14. Email Marketing: 

Email marketing campaigns can help you to reach back to your potential customer database again at various sales funnel stages with different communication and offers.

The right approach to email marketing with automation can help you to push prospects to the next stage in your sales funnel.

Email marketing is one of the cost-effective ways to generate leads and push sales but generally ignored by all real estate developers and agents. 

15. SMS Campaign: 

Like email marketing, SMS marketing is also one of the cost-effective ways to reach out to a database of audiences.

In this era the SMS campaign plays an important role with a wide amount of features, where you can direct your audiences to your website and landing page without calling, you can provide them all the relevant information.

Due to an effective open rate on message, SMS campaigns have high conversion rates and leads get qualified easily for a site visit.

These above mentioned are some of the effective digital ways to generate quality leads and plan your strategies to build your audiences and convert them into customers. I would suggest you implement these and let me know by commenting on this blog if you have any more questions or challenges while implementing it.

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