Top 5 Real Estate Property Portals in India – 2023

Buying or selling a property in India is a challenging task. India is a vast market, with many real estate companies and developers across different states.

Today, most sellers and buyers are online either they have websites and social media, or they are present on a few real estate property portals.

No one has time today to go and check each property personally and invest such a considerable time by visiting the different places again and again to get the information. 

Imagine visiting a construction site during the COVID period. Can you see it?

But you won’t believe sales are happening. Here are some of the statistics for the last year, 2020.


In a few states, the sales have broken all records; the deals happened due to increased demand for homes after a pandemic as the need for work from home has increased and also due to supportive government policies, like reduction in stamp duty has further boosted sales.

People used to hire real estate agents earlier, but in today’s digital era, people expect to have information on their cell phones at one click. Here, online property portals/websites play a vital role in the whole process.

Property portals played a critical role in selling inventory last year, providing all solutions for sellers to sell and for buyers to view their future homes through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and online meetings.

The reason for writing this article is to create awareness about portals so that more and more people can use these property portals to buy and sell or rent out their inventories rather than going out or investing time in selling or searching.

Once you read this article, you will know the impact real estate portals are making for buyers and sellers by providing one common platform for buyers and sellers. Though they charge sellers of the properties, all the information is freely available to buyers.

Now, what is a property portal?

Property portal is an online platform for buyers and sellers, where sellers can list or put the information of their property for sale, and the seller can come and search for different available properties on the marketplace.

Here, a seller updates all the required information along with contact details so a buyer can reach him directly to buy that particular shortlisted property.

The buying process starts with market research, where people look for options in a particular or different locality, considering their budget, home size, nearby infrastructure, facilities, and amenities within the property.

If you want to know how many property portals India has, then let me tell you, there are many as each day, many new companies are listing the properties of different developers; thanks to growing technology, now it’s straightforward to list the property on any portal or your property portal.

After reading the above information, you must consider which is India’s best property site. What is the best website for house hunting? Which is the best property portal? etc 


Here is a list of Top Property Portals in India:

Magicbricks, a division of Times Internet Limited (A Division of Times Group), is a market leader in this segment. The company started its operations in 2005.

Magicbricks has a strong brand recall due to a leading brand Times of India, as they continuously promote the brand through their publications across India.

The brand has a strong presence, reach, and data of buyers and sellers across India.

The website is helpful for a buyer or a seller and has different tools to give you more insights on any property in India. Also, they provide valuable educational content to educate their visitors online.

Today, the online campaigns for real estate developers are only complete with in their plan. They have multiple solutions to reach out to the actual buyer of your property.

They provide locality skyscrapers (banner), project targeting, locality, competition targeting, access to a database of actual buyers interested in the locality, project listings, microsite, retargeting, and many other products to reach out to the right audience.

You can reach them here is a group company of Info Edge Group in India. The website was launched in 2005 in India. 

The company has a strong presence in India across 600+ cities. However, their clients in India and other parts of the world want to sell the property.

The site is very known and famous among the communities due to its solid offline & online presence in India.

The site has good organic traffic; they can help you sell your property with their multiple products as they also have a robust database of buyers.

Their omnichannel campaign is an excellent remarketing product, which can help you to generate good quality leads along with mailer campaigns, social media, SMS campaigns, and on-site presence.

If you are a developer, agent, or sole property owner, they can help you quickly sell your property.

You can contact them at 1800-41-99099, Email:, or click here to find their office across India. started in 2012 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and then the company launched nationwide in 2015. is known for its innovation, technology, content, and quality traffic. is the first platform to start verified listings to avoid the portal’s junk listings and customer data.

The company is also known for its unique customer approach through its online and offline marketing efforts to create awareness among end-users in India.

For sellers, the company offers city page banners, locality-based listings, spaces in featured developers for developers, a premium microsite, and OTV-verified leads.

The company also provides backend support to its valuable customers to generate quality leads.

You can reach them by just clicking here on As the name suggests, it’s a property portal for property owners, tenants, sellers, and buyers without involving any broker.

The company was founded in 2014 in Bangalore, India, and has a strong presence in 11 cities today.

Along with the free listing of your property, the company supports lead generation activity with callers’ permission to verify the leads.

The other modules of the company provide the services of processing and executing rental agreements for commercial & residential properties.

If you want to sell the property to a direct buyer without involving any broker and get all the process done through someone, then is the right platform.

You can reach them here


CommonFloor is a Bangalore-based real estate portal now acquired by Quikr India. They have a powerful presence in the southern market.

CommonFloor has a unique way of helping their clients through offline society activations/events and online presence on their portals, promotion on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SMS, mailer promotion, popular websites and apps, virtual launches, and digital creatives.

They also do google based promotion on property keywords and Columbia and taboola platforms for native marketing. 

They also have a lead module basis the OTP and backend verification, which is helpful for any marketer or property owner as these leads have already been verified by their backend team.

You can contact them here

These are above the top 5 property portals; if you were searching for the leading ten property portals in India, let me tell you, Indian real estate forum, and prop tiger are group companies with

Other group companies are CommonFloor and 

Some other good online property portals are square yards, sulekha properties, Zricks, and 


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the work trends, and more and more people have started operating from homes, leading to a demand for the real estate segment.

Now, as the demand has increased, everyone wants to have a set-up of office and work from home. People have started looking out for options to have their own homes rather than staying on rent.

Once you have decided to buy a home or rent out a new home with a bigger space, these above portals can be beneficial to get you your dream home.

These days most of the sellers and developers provide complete information on these property portals, including virtual and real tours of construction sites and show flats, the property status, locality rates, locality details, etc.

You can also contact me to understand more about how these portals work before you plan your promotion on these portals.