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Why Should You Use Video Marketing For a Real Estate Business in 2021?

We all get attracted towards visuals and especially videos. No matter, to whom you are selling to and what you are selling, whether it’s a product or service. One thing that is going to attract your customers are videos.

Video marketing is a most powerful tool today for the real estate market, and if you are in a real estate business or a marketer or a real estate agent, if you are not using videos means you are losing all those quality leads for your real estate business.

Today, in this digital era of information, people spend most of their time on Mobiles or laptops and they search for their property online first and then they go for a physical visit.

Videos make you stand out from your competition. If you are not using videos, the chances are no matter how good you are in your real estate business, visitors online may not prefer your brand.

Because videos are the most preferred medium in the market today. It is also observed that engagement is more with videos when compared to other forms.

So, make sure you start making videos for your properties and market it in different ways and make multiple videos of the same property at different stages of a project.

Here are some of the important stats for video marketing:

84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

79% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy or download a piece of software or app by watching a video.

96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

So, videos are very important from sales & customer’s experience. In real estate customer experience is most important and many of the people buy real estate once in their lifetime as it’s one of the biggest investments.

Considering it all the real estate developers and agents have to give them a better experience so that they can make buying decisions.

Believe me videos can really influence their buying decision to buy your property, when compared to your competition.

The reason I am writing this video is because I have experienced that in India many of the developers who sell a property worth crores of rupees, still dont understand and use the power of Videos to market their projects.

After reading this article, I am sure the developers can add the video marketing on the top of their mind while making a real estate plan for the launch of a new project or while making a strategy for a launch.

So, if you use the power of videos at different stages of projects, it will surely help you to get more and more sales. 

Along with video marketing, here are some more tips for lead generation. 

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So, let’s dive deep into video marketing for real estate business and understand its use, benefits, importance today.

Video Marketing Defination

Video Marketing is defined as a use of videos to market your product or services. Videos are used to showcase the product or services and provide information to the prospects regarding product or service.

So, when you use the videos on different channels like television, social media, events to promote your product or services is called video marketing.

 What is Video Content Marketing?

Video Content Marketing, we call it when brands, companies or individual coaches, mentors use their content in the video formats to increase their profile visibility online.

Videos are usually published and shared on different social media networks or platforms.

These days video content is shared in the form of webinars and online courses too.

It’s a great content strategy to use videos for promotion of your content. Product explanatory videos work really well for B2B Category and in B2C category it helps to create more brand awareness and engagement with customers.

Why Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best tools to stand out from other competition in the market, not only this but this will help you to generate more quality leads and sell your property faster in the market.

Sometimes, when you share a photograph of the properties, buyers are still not fully convinced  with it due as they really want the look and feel, which they can see in video the actual light and feel of the home without adding any extra lights while shooting.

Today, most of the home searches happen online in India and buyers look for actual images or videos of show flats so that they can make a decision and shortlist a property along with other factors that influence their decision.

Here are some of the reasons why you should do video marketing.

Better Way Of Explanation & Presentation

Video as a medium itself is a great way of providing information and educating the prospects or clients about your product or services.

What would you prefer if someone would tell you or explain you things about any product over a call or in person and provide the information or you would love to watch a video for it? I know you prefer a video.

We all prefer video content, that’s the reason after Google, the highest searches happen on youtube and it’s the second largest search engine in the world.

Youtube gets 30 million visitors per day, people search for their queries more 

According to wyzowl.com today, 94% of the marketers use the video marketing to promote their content, product and services as it helps them to increase the conversion and customers understand the video content easily.

People love to consume video content

Today, people love to watch video content. Even consumers expect all information in the form of videos today.

In the last few years, there has been a huge transformation in buyer’s journey and content marketing. Earlier we used to publish content at different places so that we can be found.

Buyers especially in real estate expect you to share a site video location, show flat video, walkthrough and they engage more with video content only.

In the age of mobile today, it’s easy for sellers or companies to connect easily with their prospects buyers and videos are the best tools to convince and sell the products to them. 

Here are below given statics on video consumptions:

  • Everymonth almost 85% of the internet users in India watch video content.
  • As per recent data by marketing charts, the person is going to spend 100 minutes everyday watching online videos.
  • It’s observed that 93% of companies claim they got a new customer because of online videos posted on social media.
  • Most businesses say that they get more return on investment due to Videos on social media.

 Videos are helpful for SEO

Not only your customers but online search engines also love your video content and they also want you to build content in video format.

Uploading video by targeting the same keywords or search terms is a good way to generate traffic online for business as these terms can appear on the first page of Google.

Here is an example, when you search for the term “show flat lodha amara” after a few listings of Ads, you can see the video listings on the first page of Google.

video marketing

Video Marketing Benefits

Video marketing can provide an immense value to your company, products or brand. As marketing any content in the form of videos, which is widely acceptable by all audiences across the globe can help you a lot.

It’s better to use videos first rather than invest in any other mediums, if you are planning for marketing your product. Make sure videos are part of your marketing strategy and that too on priority.

The reason, i am putting a pressure on use of video as a marketing tool because of below given listed benefits:

Strengthen Your Brand Image

No matter, if you are a brand or not or if you are a small level local developer in your area, using videos for promotion of your real estate projects can enhance your brand image.

You can use videos in different formats and at different platforms like websites, social media, property portals etc, which can help you to generate more leads.

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Showcasing your property through walk through, drone shoot, 360* Shoot not only gives clarity and better experience to customers about your product but it will create an image of your company in their mind.

So make sure you plan videos of your website first, while planning a launch or marketing plan for your real estate project sales.

Videos develop trust

Trust is the most challenging factor for real estate developers in India. Due to project delays and cash flow issues, most of the time developers can’t deliver the project on time.

So, in India the home is the mostly one time purchase for many of the families and they invest the savings and money of their lifetime. So, make sure you provide them with the right information with the right content.

Providing right information to each lead, will not only build trust but it will also increase the chances of closures.

To build the trust further, make sure you treat each and every customer in the right manner even after they purchase a home from you.

Give them the right treatment, wish or surprise them on festivals and special events of their lives. By doing this, you can easily convince them to share an experience they had with your company.

I am sure, no one will say no to give a testimonial for your delivered project or about your company. Make sure you do everything right to get these short video testimonials, which can help you to get more sales.

Hence building trust through videos is the most important strategy for any of the real estate companies.

Influence Decision Makers

In India, buying a home and its decision is not restricted to an individual person.

When it comes to home buying, everyone thinks of their ideal space in their minds and creates a vision of their new home.

So, if you showcase a good kitchen and a kids room. It’s surely going to influence a husband or a father of the family to buy that property as most of the home buying decisions are influenced by kids and wives.

So, videos can easily be shared to these influencers and they can further help you to get that cold prospect convert it to hot and you can easily close these leads.

Reliable Lead Generation Source

Real Estate Videos increases the chances of getting more leads on any platform, whether you have embedded video on a website or posted on social media. 

After watching your project or show flat video, if a prospect is dropping an enquiry then it means, he already liked the property and knows about the locations, connectivity, amenities and how the actual home looks like.

So videos are more reliable than any other medium of marketing and you can use these videos on different platforms too to get more reliable leads.

You can use the videos on websites, social media, in blogs, on youtube and you can share them on whatsApp too with your prospects. 

Videos give them confidence about your work and project and it provides you with high quality leads, which may convert easily. So make your use of videos.

Types of Video Marketing You Can Do

Corporate Videos

Whether you are an agent or a developer (realtor), you should make full use of video marketing to promote yourself in the market.

These profile videos give you an opportunity to showcase your company’s vision, mission, values, people behind it, you can showcase your directors of the company, your past projects delivered, current projects and upcoming projects too and customer’s video testimonials.

This will not only enhance your image in the market but create a confidence among buyers and they may end up buying their dream home from you.

Social Media Videos

Social media is the best platform, whether it’s facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram or linkedin. You can use short and long forms of content on these platforms as per your marketing strategy.

You can also repurpose the content at all these platforms at the same time basis the given time limit as shorts on youtube and instagram/Facebook story has a lesser time frame.

Videos on social media are highly engaging, easy to share and they also create top of mind awareness. You can share your property videos, customer testimonials, project content videos etc. This will not only build audiences but develop trust among a final buyer.

Educational Videos:

I know, you can’t think of this but believe me adding an educational video with a content where you can help your clients to understand the process of buying and selling of real estate property will really make a difference.

Customer Testimonial Videos

benefits of video marketing

Customer testimonials are very important to sell your current and future properties faster as customer’s testimonials show the value that you have added in their lives by providing them on time possession, quality homes and with good amenities.

Not only this but customer testimonials can save your marketing cost too as prospects get influenced by customer testimonials.

Actual Property Video Tour

Property tours in real estate add immense value while pitching to new prospects about your property, which merely images and text can’t do.

Adding some drone shorts of a locality along with showcasing connectivity 

Drone Videos

  • Pre Construction / Launching Phase

The Pre Construction stage is very important to get the maximum number of leads at this stage on top of the funnel. The more leads or prospects you get at this stage of the funnel, the chances of closing opportunities you will get at the middle of the funnel stage.

While showcasing the pre launch stage, make sure you follow the below given checklist:

  • Your Brand Logo
  • A short introduction of company
  • Your Project Logo
  • A short brief of Project
  • Showcase a city on the map
  • Connectivity of Main Roads towards project
  • A connectivity walkthrough through done for each road
  • Showcase all the important infrastructures 
  • Showcase all School, Colleges, Public Places, Corporate Hubs etc
  • Showcase your property land with measurements
  • Showcase current developments
  • Under Construction Projects

Showcasing a property at this stage, will boost the confidence among buyers, who are looking for your property or who have recently visited your property. Not only this but new buyers in the market will also get influenced by seeing the growth of construction of your project.

You can also cover the above checklist in a shorter way or by speeding up the video. Here are some other factors that you can consider before planning a shoot for under-construction projects.

Checklist for Under Construction Video:

  • Showcase the construction property land
  • Show the different phases if any
  • Showcase the development to date
  • Showcase the floors per wing constructed
  • Showcase your project show flat
  • Showcase the construction schedule (optional)
  • A msg from a site engineer (Optional)
  • Showcase the process (optional)
  • Showcase the development of amenities
  • Completed Projects

If you don’t show your completed projects, believe me you are missing out on a big opportunity for maximum conversions of leads.

While showcasing your completed project along with the pre launch intro checklist, you can further showcase the following:

  • Showcase project layouts
  • Then showcase actual drone shots
  • Cover up all phases, wings, buildings
  • Showcase all amenities one by one
  • Showcase parking in project
  • Testimonials of different customers
  • A final message from Engineers & Directors

How to do video marketing 

So, I am sure now you must have decided to do video marketing in 2021 and looking forward to different video marketing ideas.

To make these videos, you don’t need to be an expert. If you are a small developer or an agent. You can shoot simple videos on mobile and can do editing with various apps available.

But, if you are serious about it then you can hire a video marketing agency, who gives you all these video marketing services. There are many agencies and freelancers available in the market, who can help you to build your brand with videos.

You can also build a team within your organisation, where using different video marketing softwares and tools, you can make videos by yourself except drone shoots as for drones you need to hire professionals in the market.

Wrapping Up:

Use of video and marketing your products or service today is one of the most preferred ways to do online marketing.

This business tactics is used by everyone from small and big enterprises or an invidivuals. Hence you shouldnt miss any opportunity to build your brand or marketing strategy around video marketing.

Add video marketing in your marketing plan for all the different stages or your project and boost the conversions. These videos not only help you to boost sales but videos can build your positive brand image in the market.

At last, you can build your business portfolio with these videos by showcasing your strengths and different videos.

I hope, this article was helpful for you. Please comment below and let me know your thoughts on video marketing.


Does video help sell real estate?

Yes, you can sell faster than using old traditional videos. Videos can push buyers to take their decision faster as they can see the actual tour of the site and show flats. So, use more and more videos to sell real estate faster.

How do i market my real estate video?

Marketing your real estate video or videos is not a big task. You can share it on different social media platforms. You can whatsapp to different groups and also you can share it with your property prospects.

How much does a real estate video cost?

You can do it for free by shooting it yourself through phone camera and edit it on computer or on mobile with different apps but if you want to get it done professional it can cost you from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 5,00,000/-, the range covers all types of videos, including drone and corporate videos with a limit of 3 mins to 5 mins with editing.

How long should a real estate video be?

A good explanatory video should be between 3 mins to 5 mins but for small properties showcasing show flat, it can be 1 to 3 minutes.

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