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Ultimate Guide to Social Media for real estate in 2021

Today, social media is changing the lives of people. Every one is active on social media, either to get news, updates or to check the content or for networking with family, friends or professionals.

Many of the people trying to build their personal brand or trying to create an authority on social media by their content.

People are using social media more than any other platform. Below given are the statistics on penetration of leading social media networks in India as of January, 2021.

social media for real estate

Source: Statista

The reason I am writing this blog on social media is because many realtors and real estate agents neglect the power of social media or they don’t use it in the right manner, maybe because they don’t have a team to work on it or don’t have enough content ideas.

This blog post gives you an understanding on the importance and benefits of social media for real estate and I am also sharing different real estate social media post ideas that can help you to run the show on social media.

Importance of Social Media for real estate business

Real Estate is more of a local business, so social media not only helps you to reach out to more and more local businesses and people in specific areas easily but it also helps you to do an interaction with them.

Social media also allows you to share the same and different types of content on each platform based on the algorithm of each platform.

There is no limit on posting content and information and none of the social media charges anything to you. So you are free to share your knowledge and content to reach out to more and more audiences.

You can build communities also and not only this, you can also run targeted ads to get high quality leads at lower cost.

So, make sure you start using social media platforms from today and use a few specific platforms, where you feel your audiences are active as there is no such specific real estate social media platform today.

Why your real estate business needs to be on social media

One of the main benefits that social media drives today is direct contact with the customers. You can directly get in touch with customers and talk to them.

Here you don’t need to spend on ads to be top in search and neither you have to spend on seo to rank for any particular keywords.

On social media you have a wider scope to share different content and you can organically also reach out to your audiences and if you want to run paid ads, you can do that too at lower cost per leads as social media ads are more targeted ads than any other platform.

So, if you don’t have a website or if you have it but you don’t want to spend on regular basis on website maintenance or monthly SEO or on google ads. You can simply create profiles on different social media platforms and make a difference.

Social media tips for real estate

Make sure you know the algorithm of each platform

Just doing a regular posting on any social media platform will not help you to reach your target audiences organically. 

You should understand and know each platform and its algorithm to reach out to more and more target audiences on a regular basis.

So before you start posting on any of the platforms, make sure you know their algorithms.

Establish trust building with followers

While posting on social media, make sure you post the content that your users are actually searching for on search engines.

It will not only help you to rank in search but it also helps you to get more loyal followers. 

By posting such content and regularly replying to the queries of followers can help you grow faster on social media and it creates your brand awareness too.

Make sure you use right content strategy

Content strategy is very important today, whether it’s social media or any other platform. Having the right content approach can get you more followers and customers.

Create different types of content, content on different topics and short and long form of content according to the requirement of each platform.

Using the right content strategy on different platforms can help you to get better ROI on each platform.

Make sure you run ads

If you want to do some business and generate leads through social media, make sure you run ads. Because getting more enquiries organically seems to be very difficult these days.

As slowly organic reach is decreasing for all social media platforms. So the only option left to get more leads is to run ads on each of the given platforms.

Benefits of social media for real estate

Reach out to targeted customers easily

On social media, you can easily reach out to your target audiences. Here you can easily see people who are actually looking out to buy and sell real estate in different groups.

You can also do posting in multiple groups based on locality and business and reach out to them.

At last, if you are not satisfied with the organic reach, you can run ads on these platforms to reach out to target audiences.

Cost effective than print media

Running ads on social media is really cost effective, especially running it on facebook & instagram.

On Facebook & Instagram, you can easily run targeted or locality ads and a lower cost per lead and running ads on facebook is really cost effective than any other medium.

Most of the people today are active on social media and especially on facebook and instagram. 

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Build Brand Awareness

Social media also helps you to build brand awareness about your product or services. Whether you are a realtor or a real estate agent.

By consistently posting various content on social media, you can attract a lot of target audiences, who can be your prospects.

Solving customer queries related to industry and responding to their comments can further help you to build your brand on social media.

Easy to get found

It’s very difficult to rank organically on a google search page but on social media, it’s easy to find your company name or your company page.

If customers can reach you easily, there are higher chances that they can contact you and drop an inquiry to get more details about your product and services.

Boosts website traffic

Social media also boosts your website traffic, your loyal followers or serious buyers, will surely check your website before buying your product.

The increase in your website traffic will lead to more and more genuine enquiries and closures.

You can also run a campaign to boost your website traffic on these different social media platforms.

Which social media platform is best for real estate developers

Facebook / Instagram

Believe it or not but this is true that Facebook & Instagram is really helping the realtors and real estate agents to generate more and more leads online for their own and different other projects on social media.

These platforms give you an opportunity to target different localities and different people, and you can run multiple campaigns also at the same time.

Easy targeting gives you better cost per lead with quality leads and greater ROI.


Video marketing is not the next big thing, it’s already a big thing. Everyone prefers the videos over other formats.

Customers and prospects prefer the project walkthroughts, short videos about project information, show flat video, drone shoots of the area etc.

If you are not using the video and if you are not updating on youtube to reach out to your audiences, you may miss a big opportunity.

You can upload different short and long forms of content on youtube and reach out to the audience and generate leads through youtube.

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Content Ideas: Social Media for real estate developers

Many get stuck on real estate content for social media,Real estate social media post ideas

  1. Company News & Updates
  2. Project Information
  3. Project USPs
  4. Project Teaser Video
  5. Project’s Video Walkthrough
  6. Show Flat Photographs
  7. Project Construction Updates
  8. Behind the scenes at Site
  9. Behind the Scene at Office
  10. Pictures of neighborhood
  11. About Home Loans
  12. Articles & Blog Posts
  13. Industry News
  14. Contests & Giveaways
  15. Helpful Information
  16. Festival Wishes
  18. Infographics
  19. Memes
  20. Testimonials
  21. Tips & Tricks
  22. Events
  23. Polls
  24. Quiz
  25. Home Hacks
  26. Home Decorative Ideas
  27. Incorporate Gifs with your content
  28. Allow Guest Posts & Tag Them
  29. Post about DIYs related to home
  30. Seasonal tips to maintain home
  31. Current Offers
  32. Talk about local events
  33. Share milestone achieved
  34. Share CSR activities
  35. Sales Update
  36. Community Event
  37. Employee Spotlight
  38. Birthday Wishes to Employees & Customers
  39. Real Estate Tips
  40. Share free resources to increase email list
  41. Question & Answer about Industry
  42. Expert Advice on Industry
  43. No. of Followers Update

Over to you

Working on social media daily, sometimes seems to be very difficult but it will surely give you loyal followers, give you visibility, increase the chances of getting more leads and businesses.

Make sure, you start working on the above given content for yourself or your company and start running different ads also by targeting your audiences on these platforms.

So, let me know when you are starting and if you have any queries related to social media for real estate or what is the right real estate social media marketing packages and how to evaluate them. You can reach out to me or post your queries in the comments.

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